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The Benefits of SAP and Oracle Software Validation

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that can handle day-to-day operations between multiple departments and processes. ERP software sets up a data structure that allows data to flow freely between multiple systems in a business environment. Having a single data structure not only protects against duplication but also provides data integrity. At its basic level, ERP connects your business processes, technologies, and people.

Why is ERP software important to a business?

Companies needing to organize their supply chain, inventory, staff, and customers can end up relying heavily upon ERP systems to organize, audit, and protect their data. Specific examples of ERP Software benefits are:

Improved Insight
Having an ERP system organize and funnel your data management through a single structure allows a business to use it to generate and verify reports instantly.
Improve Productivity
By removing unnecessary and monotonous tasks, an ERP system allows a business to operate more efficiently.
Save Money
Streamlining business operations and processes onto uniform data structures and integrations helps a company realize where there may be some technical waste.
Meeting Regulatory Goals
With Life Sciences companies facing many regulatory bodies and rules, an ERP system can simplify the process of auditing, verifying, and reporting information to the proper authorities.
Better Analytics
Having a data structure that all information runs through creates the opportunity to use that data for Predictive and Real-Time Analytics. This type of forecasting can greatly improve risk management, supply chain turnovers, and much more.

What is an ERP Provider?

An ERP provider is a business that specializes in preparing the framework to an ERP that contains the different business functions of the customer. A couple of the top providers that Arbour Group partners with are SAP ERP and Oracle.

SAP & Oracle, Leading ERPs in the Life Sciences

SAP, or System Application and Product, is one of the top providers in the ERP industry. SAP's top ERP offering is SAP S/4HANA which comes with industry-specific capabilities for ERP functionality.  It has been developed to take advantage of SAP's in-memory computing platform, the SAP HANA database. SAP S/4HANA On-Premise is a deployment scenario where a company has its own server, database, applications, and data center. Companies in the Life Sciences benefit from SAP ERP software and its ability to have customizable systems, consistent maintenance of operations, data analysis and reporting, and the cost-efficiency of choosing between SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business ByDesign, or SAP Business One.

Oracle is an Object-Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS), and one of the top cloud-based ERP providers in the life sciences industry. Oracle ERP software ties together business processes like project management, accounting, risk management, compliance, human resources, and supply chain management. Life Sciences companies implement an Oracle database for the benefit of streamlining business processes with consistent solutions and maintenance. Life Sciences organizations have the choice between Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, and Oracle NetSuite when implementing an ERP solution.

Whether implementing an ERP solution for your Life Sciences organization for the first time or releasing an update, it is essential to have your software validated so that governing agencies like the FDA and MHRA know that your solution is working to its intended use. That is the Life Sciences organization's sole responsibility and not the solution provider, even if the system is in the cloud.

The Benefits of SAP and Oracle Validation

Software validation provides a qualified, third-party analysis of your Oracle or SAP system, greatly reducing the chance of critical defects that affect business processes and ensures that user needs and intended uses are satisfied by the software system. Improve project success and software performance with a validated ERP system.

There are common misconceptions centered around ERP cloud compliance. An organization that implements SAP or Oracle ERP cloud is responsible for validating their cloud system and applications to their intended use, not the solution provider. Even when updates are released in the cloud, validation is still needed to ensure compliance and confirm a life sciences company is adequately benefiting from its ERP system.

Business risk management of Oracle or SAP ERP systems is done through validation testing. Identify your regulatory compliance standing, risk factors, and enhance productivity by reducing application development and implementation time. Fully capitalize on your SAP or Oracle investment with software validation.

Having a modern ERP to handle your data is key. You not only increase your company's efficiency and security with an ERP Solution, but you also work towards a more compliant and organized data model. Oracle and SAP both offer a compliant virus scan interface dedicated to your security. However, service providers do not assume responsibility for ensuring SAP software or Oracle software regulatory compliance. This responsibility is up to the customer. Whether you are a small or large company, meeting a regulatory authority's requirements can be a challenge without the right tools or people.

Meet Your Regulatory Goals with Arbour Group

Validating your company's SAP or Oracle ERP system reduces exposure and risk to unforeseen troubles. Whether you are implementing a new ERP or patching an old one, Arbour Group is here to help with our team of compliance specialists. We have pre-packaged solutions for SAP and Oracle ERP products ready to go, backed by decades of knowledge in Life Sciences validation, to offer the following:

• Software testing specialists
• Experience with regulatory agencies
• Time-tested methodologies and practices
• Comprehensive collection of test cases
• International testing facilities
• Expansive ERP testing tools knowledge

Arbour Group works to provide you with Regulatory Agency approved solutions with shorter timeframes to get the results you need. If you would like to learn more about our Software Validation packages, contact us today so that together we can figure out what best fits your needs.