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Software Testing and Quality Assurance Emphasis in New Areas

New Focus Areas for Quality Assurance and Software Testing

One of the top priorities of any corporate IT organization is always software testing and quality assurance. Shipping a product is one thing – making sure that it is free from bugs and other issues that could negatively affect the end user experience is something else altogether. A new trend in IT priorities, however, has the emphasis on software testing and quality assurance moving towards new areas that feature newer types of technology than what was commonly worked with in the past.

Where Are the New Focus Areas?

More specifically, social media, mobile applications, cloud applications and other types of new technology are seeing an increased emphasis in today's modern landscape, all of which point to a currently evolving enterprise IT landscape when compared to the same situation even a few short years ago.

A survey of over 1500 CIOs that was conducted by Capgemini revealed that for the first time in the history of IT, a larger amount of money was being spent on "new technology" than it was on existing systems and practices. Maintaining legacy systems and applications is being put on the proverbial back burner in favor of advancements like social integration, the mobile environment, powerful data analytics, cloud computing and more.

Focus Areas Taking Up Share of Budget

The study is all the more interesting when you discover that software testing and quality assurance now represents over 25 percent of the total average IT budget. In 2012, these factors only represented 18 percent of the total budget. That share is expected to continue to grow and could reach almost 30 percent by as soon as 2017.

To take things a step farther, the testing and quality assurance process for totally new applications now makes up 52 percent of the overall testing budget. This means that legacy systems of all types are becoming less and less important to major companies as time goes on.

What Does This Mean for You and Your Clients?

These developments mean a number of interesting things for both existing and future clients. For starters, they point towards an increased emphasis on the adoption of new technology across the board. The fact that legacy systems are no longer seeing the type of attention they once did points to a major shift towards the types of systems and technologies that will be available to clients moving forward. It also means that once those new deployments like cloud computing functionality are rolled out, however, they will have a dramatic level of support to help make sure that everything is operating at peak effectiveness.

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