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The Evolution of API Testing: Application and Healthcare Based Industries

What is an API?

The Evolution of API TestingAPI, also known as Application Program Interface, is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all of the necessary building blocks. Once a substantial API is developed, a programmer then comes in and puts all of the blocks together for a more complete product. There are a wide variety of APIs for websites, applications and operating systems. Some popular API examples are Google Maps API, YouTube APIs and Amazon Product Advertising API. Testing your API is necessary for both application and healthcare based industries because the type of technology being used needs to be safe and reliable.


API Testing in Application Industries

It is crucial for application industries to test their APIs because the information that they provide needs to be secure and accurate. A common misconception about API testing is that there isn’t a need to test APIs until there is a problem. Even though the information on a software application may be utilized properly, the accuracy can be incorrect. Incorrect or flawed data is referred to as contaminated data. Contaminated data is one of the most common errors today. There are many ways a contamination can happen, so testing APIs within the application industry and any other industry is crucial. Data integrity is important for companies to maintain, therefore a company should not hold off on performing API testing.


API Testing in Healthcare Industries

Healthcare industries should always test their APIs because they are constantly dealing with sensitive information. For starters, patient information is at the heart of all medical operations. This information can range from billing information to vital statistics and diagnosis. Regardless of the content of the information, it should always remain confidential. With technology constantly evolving, more and more sensitive information is being transferred online. If APIs are sharing patient information with either in-house applications or third parties, then the protocol must be tested for security.

Within healthcare industries, patient care and business go hand in hand. Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel are continually utilizing software and browser-based applications that utilize APIs for various functions. Information regarding medical research, file sharing and communication are utilized through APIs. APIs are an important part of business within the healthcare industry, but more importantly, they are a critical part of patient treatment based industries.

If you have any questions or need a help navigating the ever changing world of API testing, feel free to take a look at the different industries that Arbour Group works with, or reach out to us and we will gladly help where we can! Arbour Group has over 20 years of assuring life science compliance companies, providing solutions that fit your business needs and meets risk management needs by meeting applicable FDA and international regulations as well as industry best practices.