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Benefits of NetSuite Software Validation

NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning System

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud ERP system that is comprehensive and expandable. Mid-sized enterprises and large organizations in the Life Sciences use NetSuite ERP to implement full automation of business processes such as financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, billing, and inventory management. NetSuite cloud gives organizations access to key performance reports and indicators, allowing for a streamlined path to business process transformation and growth.

Benefits of Validating your NetSuite Cloud System

  • Address misconceptions of cloud compliance by validating your NetSuite cloud software. An organization that implements NetSuite does not manage the underlying cloud infrastructure but controls storage, operating systems, and applications. Therefore, organizations are responsible for validating their NetSuite cloud ERP system and applications to their intended use.
  • Validation testing is a crucial part of business risk management directly related to your NetSuite software system. Software validation evaluates your organization’s regulatory compliance standing, identifies risk factors, enhances productivity by reducing application development and implementation time, and capitalizes on the investment of your NetSuite cloud system.
  • A system defect can result in significant system unavailability, causing negative business ramifications and severe business costs. NetSuite validation provides a qualified, third-party analysis of your system, greatly reducing the chance of critical defects that affect business processes and ensures that user needs and intended uses are satisfied by the NetSuite software system. Improve project success and software performance with a validated NetSuite system.

NetSuite Validation with Arbour Group

Arbour Group’s NetSuite Validation solution raises quality levels, reduces costs, and increases shareholder value. We execute a holistic approach to compliance, delivering extensive regulatory expertise and proven methodologies to help you achieve your business goals. From large multinational firms to small, medium-sized businesses, companies in the Life Sciences that have implemented Oracle NetSuite choose Arbour Group based on the strength of our capability and our standing of quality solutions and services.

Arbour’s NetSuite Validation Services are known for:

• Knowledgeable software testing specialists
• Hands-on experience with regulatory agencies
• Time-tested valuable methodologies and practices
• A comprehensive collection of test cases
• Dedicated international testing facilities
• Wide range knowledge of NetSuite testing tools

While technical factors are an integral part of the NetSuite software process, we ensure compliance and functionality during delivery and complement new business initiatives.

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