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Cloud-based software applications offer flexibility and economic benefits for subscribers. The ongoing maintenance of applications and associated infrastructure becomes the responsibility of the software developer. However, the regulatory burden to demonstrate a compliant environment remains the responsibility of the subscriber organization.

As a trusted provider of global regulatory solutions for over 250 life sciences companies, Arbour Group delivers the documented evidence necessary to meet the regulatory requirements related to cloud applications.



In Depth Compliance Services

Our compliance approach supports the customer’s decision to select a cloud-based software application by ensuring a high level of compliance for the entire cloud ecosystem to include:

  • Software Validation Documentation
        - Customer-specific Uses
        - Baseline (out of the box) Functionality
  • IT Supplier Audits
        - Software Developer
        - Data Center
  • Quality Agreements
  • Procedural Controls
  • Security

Arbour Group leaves no detail behind related to your cloud compliance needs. Our experience and comprehensive services ensure cost effective compliance in today’s world of ever changing technology and regulations. Look to Arbour Group to provide unparalleled global life sciences expertise.

The Arbour Advantage

Arbour Group is a trusted advisor to over 250 pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies worldwide. Let us demonstrate how we can integrate seamlessly into your organization, prove ourselves a valuable business partner and deliver effective services that reduce compliance costs.