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Connected Health (CH) is a new generation of technology evolving how healthcare is managed and delivered. By enabling the secure and efficient electronic exchange and use of real-time patient health information by clinicians and other health professionals, Connected Health services gives physicians better decision-making capabilities leading to proactive healthcare, putting patients at the center of care.

IoMT & Connected Health 

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is describing the connectivity through cloud services to medical devices, such as:

  • Wearable diagnostic and therapeutic devices
  • Smart body sensors and rehabilitation devices
  • Connected surgical tools and scopes
  • Networked communications between patient and clinician

Connected Health Devices and their health data influence the business systems patients interact with and the broader healthcare network.

Connected Health & IoMT Challenges

Sharing quality, cost, and outcome information is a crucial driver of integrated healthcare delivery, but what are the key Connected Health considerations and challenges regarding digital compliance and cyber security?

  • Payers, suppliers, and hospitals deal with threats varying from stealing confidential data, fraud, and rejection of service.
  • Medical device manufacturers and cloud providers encounter risks from compromised devices.
  • Patients face risks of confidentiality breaches, personal harm, and medical identity theft.

The key to Connected Health advancement is ensuring data and patient protection.

Connected Health Services with Arbour Group

Whether a medical device manufacturer, a cloud-based health solutions provider, a developer of mobile health applications, or using biotechnology to incorporate connected health technologies into your research, Arbour Group works with your journey and helps you meet your requirements with our connected health services. This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Cyber Security is the evaluation of operational practices and procedural controls to assure protection of sensitive data and deployment of effective disaster recovery and business continuity policies.
  • Infrastructure includes a GxP assessment comprising cloud platform and recommendations for application deployment and updates.
  • Existing Networks incorporates the migration strategy and transition of regulated software applications from on-premise and data centers to GxP cloud platforms.
  • Data Compliance Standards are the Assessment, Gap Remediation, and Data Strategy to ensure organizations achieve their Data Privacy compliance as required by HIPAA, HL7, ISO 27701, and GDPR.
  • Cloud and Platform Integration is the Assessment and validation of the entire cloud ecosystem and integrated applications, User Entity Controls as identified in SOC 2 Type II, and Data Integrity to ensure GxP compliance with FDA and other international regulations and guidance.
  • Mobile Integration involves validation and compliance with applications connecting to remote sensing medical devices, including sending data to a cloud platform.

Arbour Group can help identify and overcome key Connected Health challenges regarding compliance in your digital innovation journey. Find more information regarding our Connected Health (CH) expertise by contacting us today!