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Microsoft Dynamics for Mobile Apps

Considering that an estimated 91 percent of all adults own cell phones, and 61 percent of these cell phone owners have smartphones, it is safe to say that many people depend on their phones to help them stay connected. This is even more true for professionals in sales and related industries. These professionals are frequently on the move, such as meeting with various customers and following different leads. Microsoft’s recent release of mobile apps for those using its Dynamics CRM has made using the program immensely more convenient for those on the go. Currently, the apps are compatible with Android phones, Windows phones, and the iPhone. Those on Blackberry can access a browser app. Users can now access their company’s data and customer information wherever they are through their smartphones.

The benefits of the Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows companies to easily track their customer data, such as client contact information, product information, and sales information. They can use this information to schedule appointments, update records, attach images to records, send records to other people. Employees can then properly manage the relationships with their customers from within a single program. There are a variety of indicators that can be made into charts for easy, visual readings, while contacts and leads can easily be tracked from the dashboard. People who work in sales and related professionals must be able to track various clients and leads for new contacts at all times. The dashboard makes this immensely easier, so it is a great program for increasing sales numbers.

The benefits of the new MS Dynamics CRM

Before the new app was released, portions of the program could be accessed through a browser window. While some information could be accessed, there was limits to what could be completed while away from a computer. With the new app, users are now able to use the functions such as creating appointments, selecting values from pick lists, and assign records. Phone calls can also be made from within the app. Within the version designed for the Windows phone, there are even more benefits, such as being able to browse contacts social media activity or pulling up maps of the customer addresses. New versions for Windows tablets offer even more for users, such as the capacity to ‘pin’ important information to the start screen so that it can be easily accessed as soon as the device is turned on. The app now creates a more consistent user experience when users are going from computers to their smartphones.

For sales professionals and those in similar professions, MS Dynamics can be an important program. It makes keeping tack of customer information and possible leads substantially easier. Through a dashboard users can track their important company data and product information in addition to scheduling appointments, updating records, adding images, and viewing charts to track progress. A recently released Microsoft Dynamics app allows most smartphone users to access the capabilities through their devices, wherever their job may take them.