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FDA Announces New Regulations for E-Cigs & Vaping Products | Arbour Group

What are E-Cigs and Vaping Products?


According to the Food and Drug Administration:

“Vapes, vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or ecigs), and e-pipes are some of the many terms used to describe electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). These products use a liquid “e-liquid” a substance that may contain nicotine, as well as varying compositions of flavorings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and other ingredients. The liquid is heated into an aerosol that the user inhales.”

While these products are still fairly new within the tobacco industry their impact, especially the health wise, have been a hot topic of discussion within the past few years.

What are the New E-Cig & Vaping Product Regulations?


Prior to this new rule, the FDA stated that any vaping or e-cigarette products introduced after February of 2007 would go through the same approval process as normal cigarettes.

However, the FDA began to summarize regulations that would increase their authority to e-liquids and e-cigs. According to a press release in July of 2017, the FDA announced their plan to reduce the use of tobacco and ignitable cigarettes. It indicates that by 2020 most vaping and e-cigarette products will still need approval, as the process has been extended. In addition, they will develop standards for products in order to decrease various concerns such as children being exposed to e-liquids.

The FDA purpose and approach to this is to work with e-cig and vaping manufactures to provide new alternative and safe ways for nicotine consumption.

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