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Oracle’s BlueKai Acquisition: What It Means

On July 22, 2014 Oracle announced their new Oracle Data Cloud service. The most significant piece of this service came with their February 2014 acquisition of BlueKai for between $350 and $400 million. Prior to the acquisition, BlueKai provided a market leading Data Management Platform (DMP). BlueKai’s acquisition filled out the company’s reach into the marketing, advertising, and personalization area of the cloud thanks to other recent acquisitions like social marketing solutions provider Vitrue, marketing automation firm Eloqua, campaign management solutions provider Responsys and content marketing from Compedium.

Oracle took all these acquisitions and formed the basis of their Data as a Service (DaaS) offerings for Marketing and Social. These allow companies to combine all their internal data stored in Oracle databases with the personalization information available externally in the Oracle Data Cloud. The combined platforms create actionable profiles that compete with the offerings from Adobe and

From a sheer numbers perspective, Oracle DaaS for Marketing adds access to over 1 billion user profiles globally. With Oracle DaaS for Social, over 700 million messages from 40 million social media and news sites are analyzed through text analysis. Combined, the Oracle Data Cloud service provides identity management, allowing a strong platform for prospecting with targeted advertising, marketing, and sales campaigns. Event talent management is an option.

Another key benefit that Oracle Data Cloud offers, thanks to the BlueKai acquisition, is related to privacy and legal controls. Instead of companies trying to deal with all the complex laws and regulations pertaining to profiling and targeted offerings, Oracle Data Cloud delivers customers actively looking for your services.