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The leading mid-market commercial software now has a pre-packaged validation solution for the life sciences industries. If you are implementing or planning an upgrade to SAP Business ByDesign, validation for this cloud-based business management software is now available as a fixed-price package.


The Arbour Advantage

Licensed, deployed and supported by an SAP Business ByDesign partner, the pre-packaged validation solution is based on Arbour Group’s extensive industry knowledge and expertise accumulated from years of experience with leading pharmaceutical medical device and biotechnology companies. Arbour Group’s SAP Business ByDesign compliance product allows you to meet your obligations to both domestic and international authorities (e.g. FDA, MPRA, MHRA, EMA and TGA) in a timely and cost effective manner.

SAP Business ByDesign Compliance Offering

As an alternative to manual, labor-intensive validation efforts, Arbour Group’s ready off-the-shelf validation package incorporates industry compliance best practices to include:

  • Business Requirements model
  • Validation Plan template
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Installation Qualification test scripts
  • Operation Qualification test scripts
  • Performance Qualification template
  • Validation Summary Report template

Full Maintenance Program

Licensed Product Support is a maintenance program that assures validation documentation integrity for Arbour Group enterprise software compliance packages and deliverables.  Updated documentation is provided in conjunction with regulatory compliance expertise that ensures an ongoing compliant environment. Collectively, our pre-packaged validation product, maintenance program and industry professionals combine to form a comprehensive SAP Business ByDesign compliance solution.

The Arbour Assurance

This SAP Business ByDesign validation product guarantees you the maximum investment protection in your investment by providing the following primary benefits:

Shorter Timeframes: Our time-tested, field proven pre-packaged validation product certifies compliance in an optimally expedient and secure manner. This means you are able to accelerate the time-to-value of your commercial business software investment.

Regulatory Agency Approval: Properly validated solutions are more likely to avoid regulatory scrutiny in the form of citations and audits. These time consuming and disruptive events can pose a real business risk as it relates to Agency approval of new product introductions and brand acceptance in the marketplace.

Whether you are installing SAP Business ByDesign for the first time, converting from a legacy system or implementing a release, Arbour Group’s pre-packaged validation product will help you manage your business risk quickly and reliably.


SAP Business ByDesign (SAP ByD) Software

SAP Business ByDesign (SAP ByD) is an enterprise resource planning software solution located in a single cloud for mid-market companies in the Life Sciences. A comprehensive choice for companies that prefer a scale-to-model approach. From Human Resources to Supply Chain Management, SAP ByD can be customized to your unique business processes and solutions. SAP provides guidelines, tools and training support to maintain security throughout the life cycle of their product.

All-in-One Validation Solution for SAP Business ByDesign

How can you test and confirm the software is working within its intended uses? Demonstrate to FDA and international regulatory agencies that your SAP software is working adequately within guidelines by using Arbour Group’s software validation product and services. SAP ByDesign releases quarterly version updates of their software to meet growing customer needs as technology evolves. Enhancements to the functionality of applications such as supply chain management affect not only how a software works, but if it is still working to its intended use. If SAP releases improvements in the process of production order, it is the obligation of the company to assure the implementation of new updates are properly sustained in their software. Arbour Group’s pre-packaged SAP Business ByDesign solution and maintenance program are a supplemental necessity to meet industry and compliance needs when software solutions release new updates and releases.