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The capabilities of cloud utilization to execute various functions are among the most significant developments to affect all industries. Cloud migration is the process of transitioning business elements like systems, applications, and data to the cloud. Cloud governance is the execution of controls to manage accessibility and compliance of workflows in the cloud. Many businesses in various industries develop strategies that range from moving all their infrastructure to only non-critical systems.  Some companies migrate to the cloud to reduce costs, while others migrate to meet competitive demand. Transitioning to virtual servers allows for flexibility in space and resources. Resources can be relocated in moments, and the need for physical space is no longer an issue. 

A cloud migration strategy is a complicated approach for companies in the life sciences with GxP systems that have unique regulatory requirements. Life sciences and healthcare may also have digital compliance requirements due to electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI). Whether you are considering public, private, hybrid, or a combination, there are many inherent challenges.  Among them can be data security, lack of expertise, bandwidth, process definition, downtime, segmented usage, and vendor lock-in.  

Cloud Migration and Cloud Governance Services with Arbour Group 

Whether you are re-platforming, re-factoring, or re-hosting, Arbour Group assists in your cloud journey that includes Assessing and Planning, Migrating, and Cutover. This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Governance and Strategy
  • Capacity and Financial Management
  • Migrating GxP applications to the cloud
  • Cloud Design Strategy for GxP Applications
  • Intelligent Engineering and Architecture 
  • Operating Model 
  • Organizational Change Management

Because Arbour Group has knowledgeable expertise in life sciences and healthcare, our unique knowledge allows us to couple these cloud migration services with our Digital Compliance services. If you have distinct requirements, Arbour has the in-depth expertise performed with over 250+ customer’s life science industries. The cloud data migration and cloud governance processes are detailed so that the results are worthwhile in cost savings and scalability.  

If you would like to learn more about Arbour Group’s Cloud Migration and Governance services, contact us today!