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Microsoft Dynamics Updates 2014

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of software applications that fall into two different categories that are designed to run on computers with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The first category is called enterprise resource planning, which is often referred to as ERP for short. The second category involves customer relationship management, which is often abbreviated as CRM for short. These applications are traditionally delivered not directly from Microsoft to customers but through a collection of reselling partners

Customer relationship management is a type of process that allows businesses to connect with their customers in ways they may have never thought possible. It also allows information to be easily shared from one section of a company to another. If the customer service desk at a company is contact by a customer and receives important information about how a product or service can be better developed, the appropriate section of the company can easily access that information through the unified database created by a powerful CRM deployment.

As it does with most of its software and various applications, Microsoft has announced a wide variety of different updates to theMicrosoft Dynamics suite to be released in 2014. These product updates and developments will see staggered releases throughout the year. They are designed to expand the core customer relationship management feature set and include new functions like marketing on multiple channels, social listening, enterprise service desk capabilities and more.

One of the major Microsoft Dynamics Updates 2014 releases will be two customer relationship management releases throughout the year. A cloud-based update will be released in the second quarter and an on-premise edition will be released in the fourth quarter. Microsoft Social Listening will also be released for Microsoft Dynamics in the second quarter of 2014. It will be a freeupdate for customer relationship management online pro customers of Microsoft Dynamics.

Another update to Microsoft Dynamics in the year includes a variety of different improved customer relationship management service tools, which include new entities featuring both entitlements and SLA capabilities. An updated Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing module will also be released to the public in the second quarter of 2014.

One of the most important Microsoft Dynamics 2014 updates is a new, unified service desk, which can completely change the way certain types of power users employ Microsoft Dynamics services. These updates will also come with Parature integration. A newMicrosoft Dynamics customer relationship management license plan has also been announced that will go into effect in 2014, though the company has yet to release all relevant details about what these new license plans entail. Inbuilt customer relationship management calculation fields will also be released to all existing customers in the fourth quarter of the year.

The first set of Microsoft Dynamics 2014 updates to be released, however, are being referred to internally by people who work at the company as the "Spring Wave." It will come along with three major updates across various tracks of Microsoft Dynamics including social, marketing and customer relationship management.