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Licensed Product Support For Your Enterprise Software System

When your enterprise software system is updated, do you have a reliable maintenance program that assists in assuring compliance?

What is Licensed Product Support?product support for enterprise software

Licensed Product Support is a maintenance program that assures validation documentation integrity for Arbour Group enterprise software compliance packages and deliverables.  Updated documentation is provided in conjunction with regulatory compliance expertise that ensures an ongoing compliant environment.

Licensed Product Support (LPS) includes the following compliance-critical features:

  • Annual Regulatory Assessment
  • Software release Impact Analysis
  • Test Script update/execution/reporting
  • FDA Regulatory Research
  • Discounted Products/Services

What are the Benefits?

These Licensed Product services will…

  • Provide timely updates to validation documentation
  • Assure accuracy of new software functionality
  • Deliver an Annual Periodic Review as part of Compliance best practices
  • Ensure a consistently compliant environment
  • Interpret new or changed FDA regulatory requirement

Arbour Group’s Licensed Product Support is a cost effective approach to managing business risk in a regulated environment.

Let Arbour Group maintain your product in order to avoid costly change control or other update mistakes.