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Microsoft Dynamics Reveals Upgrades

Microsoft recently hosted the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Global Premiere Event in Barcelona, Spain. The event saw over 70,000 attendees. The event showcased several new changes and upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics, with the goal of empowering businesses so they can serve their customers better and increase their customer bases while serving current customers to the best level possible. Microsoft made these latest developments with the help of feedback from actual users, to ensure that the products are targeted to those who will actually use and benefit from them.

One of the most well-received announcements was the reveal that 18 new predefined templates will be released with the new update. These templates include options for sports management, government, healthcare, sales and marketing templates, as well as other types of templates. Each of the templates offered is completely customizable to meet the user’s specific needs. Best of all, the templates are being offered free of charge in Microsoft’s CRM Marketplace. This will enable the more than 50,000 users that are subscribed to this feature to have templates that are easily manipulated to provide what is needed when it is needed.

In addition, Microsoft is offering subscribers the ability to provide touch-optimized experiences for users of the iPhone, Android and Windows Phones. This functionality is being offered to users without a separate license fee. In addition, a new global pricing structure will offer up to a 40 perfect discount to eligible customers on the purchase Microsoft Office 365 Online professional licenses. This will allow businesses to reach out to more customers at less cost, helping to increase profit margins and maintain success.

Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 in October 2013. This is the latest update of Microsoft’s flagship ERP solution. This update includes many benefits, including new warehousing and transportation managament products, helping to deliver real-time information to assist with successful and timely supply-chain and logistics execution. Microsoft also revealed that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, which was released in October of this year, is now closing in on 100,000 registered users across the globe. This product enables single sign-on capabilities wth Office 365 and Sharepoint Online. It also contains new options for cash management, a new and updated Help Server, and even better adminstrative tools for users and managers.

The upgrades and changes are being offered in the hopes that these things will allow businesses to connect with their customers, and turn customers into “fans.” These options will also ensure that businesses can conduct operations in a more timely manner, with less mistakes and problems. The promised upgrades were well received by the sold out crowd of 70,000 people, including powerful global business leaders, and anticipation remains high for the actual release of these products in 2014.