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SMBs and Validation in the Life Sciences

What is Considered a Small to Medium Sized Business?

The Small Business Administration classifies companies based on the type of industry, structure of ownership, revenue and number of employees. Small businesses in the Life Sciences typically have around 1,000 employees or less whereas medium sized companies can range in revenue from $10 million to $1 billion. 


What are the Benefits of Systems Tailored for Small to Medium Sized Businesses?

Because small and medium sized businesses, or SMBs, are different in their size, revenue and structure compared to larger companies, the systems they use are also distinct to meet their exclusive needs. Software companies understand companies with different structures need solutions that are tailored to meet their exceptional needs, whether it’s Customer Relationship Software (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Project Management Software (PMS), etc.


Who is Responsible for the Validation of Systems?

Whether updating or implementing for the first time, the SMB is held accountable for a validated system. When meeting obligations to the FDA or other international agencies, Arbour Group provides pre-written packaged solutions to SMB companies in the Life Sciences. Arbour Group provides compliance offerings with a full maintenance program for systems such as:

Arbour Group’s solutions provide the unique services SMBs needs to meet and comply with regulations in the Life Sciences.


The Arbour Assurance

Arbour Group’s pre-packaged validation solutions are supported by extensive knowledge and expertise in the Life Sciences.  SMB companies value meeting their obligations to both and domestic international authorities in a timely and cost effective manner with Arbour Group’s field-proven package.