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Cloud Compliance

What is The Cloud?

The cloud is a term referring to Information Technology (IT) platforms for distributed computing, i.e., computer processing resources, software applications and data on demand that are accessed from computer terminals, laptops and mobile devices via the Internet.  The cloud can be privately owned or public and enable companies the benefit of avoiding infrastructure, management and support costs as well as the costs associated with achieving and maintaining best practices.


What is Cloud Compliance?

Cloud compliance is ensuring the components of the cloud meet the standards established by regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as it relates to software validation, data integrity and cyber security.  The adoption of cloud services is seen as a high growth area, and thus, will become an increasingly important part of an organization’s risk management.


Why is Cloud Compliance Important?

Life Sciences companies maintain regulatory responsibility despite the fact that software applications and infrastructure becomes the responsibility of vendors.  Consequently, policies, procedures and practices need to be revised to reflect the cloud environment.  Items such as Vendor Audits, Quality Agreements, Periodic Reviews, etc. become critical topics that must be given a higher priority in order to avoid regulatory observations.


Arbour Advantage

Arbour Group can provide the regulatory services necessary to ensure comprehensive cloud compliance that is cost effective and scalable.  We have been a trusted advisor to over 250 life sciences companies and possess the expertise required to address issues in an evolving IT environment.