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Connected Health (CH) is the secure and efficient electronic exchange and use of health information by clinicians and other health professionals working in different organizations and health care settings.  Healthcare and life science organizations must be able to disclose information and deliver services safely in an environment continually experiencing a digital transformation. Perceptive opponents exploiting susceptibilities produce incidents that swiftly spread to unsuspecting participants.

Payers, suppliers, and hospitals all deal with threats varying from stealing of confidential data, fraud, and rejection of service. Device manufacturers and providers encounter risks from compromised devices. People face risk confidentiality breaches, personal harm, and medical identity theft. As the connected health delivery system increases in aptitude, solutions are required to safeguard uninterrupted networks, service accessibility, and security of critical individual, corporate, or government data and intelligence.

Connected Health Services at Arbour Group

At Arbour Group, we work with you on your connected health digital transformation journey and help you meet your requirements. This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Digital Design and Implementation
  • Data Integration and Compliance
  • Cloud and Platform Integration
  • Mobile Integration
  • Security

The connected health ecosystem continues to grow with more medical devices tracking patient health information.  Therefore, these offerings, coupled with our digital compliance solutions, enable you to comply with critical regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and organizational requirements like the FDA.  Arbour Group can help you in your digital transformation journey as you use these devices and the data they provide as they critically influence the business systems patients interact with and the broader healthcare network.  

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