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Background A leading global life sciences organization that utilized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and engaged with customers through mobile applications.manufacturing, especially in light of recent FDA requirements regarding electronic records and signatures.

Business Issue Update their Enterprise Resource Planning model to the cloud while in a highly regulated industry without risking the consistency of their operations or customer support.

The Objective Implement Agile development methods to transform existing apps into an Enterprise Resource Planning cloud model for operations optimization and increased synergies across divisions. The goal is for better customer service and a decrease in technology maintenance costs.

The Solution Arbour Group’s Agile Project Management methods transformed the pharmaceutical company’s systems and mobile applications to SAP S/4 HANA ERP. Arbour assisted in implementing Agile frameworks and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Digital Transformation to prioritize people and exchanges over procedures, synergized software over documentation, customer relationships, and reacting to industry changes over following a plan. It resulted in a 30% decrease in maintenance costs and greatly improved customer support. The applications were up-to-date and consistent to address the company’s highly regulated industry and client data privacy concerns.