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Agile is an approach based on the Agile Manifesto that prioritizes individuals and their interactions instead of processes and tools, software over extensive documentation, customer engagement over the negotiation of contracts, and change responsiveness instead of keeping to a plan. Although Agile has been around for some time, it is currently one of the most popular and ingrained methods of delivering programs and projects. Agile project management is the measurement of project success by the achievement of the scope of work to time, expense, and quality and the performance of the project’s outputs, outcomes, and impacts. An Agile framework differs from a traditional project management approach where executed phases of a project are sequentially ordered. Agile principles focus on a non-linear process and target teamwork collaboration and flexibility, without focusing on a strict guideline. Agile development uses project management to iterate, plan, execute, and learn within a flexible scope. 

Whether you are implementing an Agile method for all your projects or considering using these methods, careful planning and knowledge of your environment must be considered. Industries highly regulated, like the life sciences and healthcare, must be especially mindful of their Agile project methods. Some industry experts believe the leading three motivations for Agile failures are:

  • Insufficient knowledge with Agile procedures
  • Modest understanding of the mandatory broader structural change
  • Business culture incongruent with Agile principles

Customized Agile Methodology Services with Arbour Group 

Agile management is an adaptive framework as opposed to a predictive lifecycle with set goals and targeted outcomes. Arbour Group can help determine if your project benefits from Agile principles or if a hybrid approach is necessary. At Arbour Group, we utilize Agile frameworks and methodologies that ensure your initiatives achieve the desired outcomes and objectives. This may include but is not limited to:

  • DevOps
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Development
  • Scrum
  • SAFe Framework
  • Regulatory and Compliance with SAFe

Arbour Group works with you to embrace Agile frameworks and software, such as people and exchanges over procedures and devices, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer relationship over contract negotiation, and reacting to change over following a plan. Our approach is that there is more to implementing Agile than adopting an Agile methodology for a project or program. Arbour Group works with your organization’s journey and carefully considers why and if you need to be Agile, how Agile you need to be, hybrid considerations, and what kind of projects need to be Agile. After we answer these questions together, we select the right Agile methodology and derive benefits such as increased productivity, time-to-market, and defect reduction. 

If you would like to learn more about Arbour Group’s Agile Project Management services, contact us today!