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Data Integration is the process of combining differently sourced data for unified user experience. Data is frequently held in various separate data sources, including web traffic, CRM systems, sales, marketing software, and customer success systems. Bridging these sources, together with data integration, is ideal for operational or analytical purposes. Data Integration tools improve communication between departments with the improved collaboration of data and unified systems. 

The idea of a full 360-degree view of the customer after Data Integration is not just ideal; it is a reality.  It solidifies the notion that a company must provide a single, end-to-end picture of a customer’s journey and their full customer experience.  Customer data can be declarative, behavioral, or inferential. However, companies with disparate systems often lack this 360-degree view of the customer.  Therefore, it can hinder company growth due to a lack of synergies and critical customer information that would allow companies to market more efficiently.

Data Integration is one of the most important and most challenging aspects of digital innovation.  When you consider this with the cloud, whether it is private, public, or hybrid, it can become even more daunting.  Moreover, successful digital innovation initiatives require digital Data Integration because it often starts and stops with a customer. 

Data Integration and Data Governance Services with Arbour Group 

Arbour Group has the expertise to assist you on your Data Integration and Data Governance journey to ensure your organization meets its goals. Data Governance is a set of practices and principles that provides a highly adequate data lifecycle. A Data Governance framework should fit your organization’s business objectives to set data standards and delegate the appropriate roles concerning your business models. Arbour Group has the expertise in Data Governance best practices to focus on the processes, people, and technology within Data Integration. Our methods enable us to capitalize on Big Data and Data Lakes and use market-leading technologies like Informatica and Mule. This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Data Governance tools
  • Assessment, Design, and Implement Data Management strategies
  • Data Lakes
  • ETL and ELT 

Arbour Group works with you to determine how mature your organization is concerning your processes that govern and manage all your data resources. Our main objective is to help you unlock data and services, whether in the cloud or on-premise. 

To learn more about Data Integration and Data Governance services with Arbour, contact us today!