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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

Customer relationship management is technology used as a tool for handling interactions and relationships with current and potential customers.  One of the primary reasons companies struggle with their digital innovation efforts is that they fail to realize that a sound CRM strategy is the critical foundation of every successful digital innovation initiative. Experts have found that customer relationship management software contains holistic digital profiles for all your customer types.  This data may include things like relevant sales, marketing, and customer service information. It also applies to financial information, including performance year to date, customer win rates, customer lifetime value, competitive products purchased, and more.

Innovate your Customer Relationships with Arbour’s CRM Solutions

At Arbour Group, we assist with your CRM digital innovation strategy and implementation.  Our experience with healthcare and life science companies is especially useful when working with market-leading CRM technology, like Salesforce CRM, to ensure that you can meet your goals.  Customer relationship management technology is the overarching system that fully integrates with other digital innovation building blocks to include but not limited to:

  • Data and analytics: CRM contains and integrates with your robust data and analytics tools to provide in-depth customer understanding so you can individualize communications and customer services.
  • Social Media: CRM works with your private and public social media groups to confirm you regularly receive social insight from your digital customers. 
  • Customer engagement: CRM encompasses the customer charting tools and digital analysis tools or incorporates third-party tools, so you connect better with your digital consumers.
  • Emerging technologies: CRM tools put into place digital triggers and other emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, that drive the next steps and actions to not only keep your digital customers satisfied and loyal but also turn them into advocates for digital progress.

Customer Experience (CX) Consulting Services

Customer Experience (CX) is the interaction and outcome between a company and a customer for the period of their relationship. Customer Experience is considered the catalyst for digital innovation because known and unknown customers drive revenue growth, and the people evaluating digital innovation are thinking of ways to optimize the customer journey.  Digital innovation today is increasingly mobile-first, omnichannel, seamless, and connected across all channels of consumer interaction, from voice, social, retail, and email, the web, SMS, and the most recent applications and processes, such as pricing and supply. This methodology is essential for presenting a new generation of customer engagement beyond the traditional customer relationship management system to deliver a beneficial Customer Experience. 

Innovate your Customer Experience (CX) with Arbour 

At Arbour Group, we work with you on your customer experience journey to deliver the Digital Innovation that enables growth.  This renovation may include Digital Journey Web Content Management, Digital Foundation to Electronic Commerce, and the use of tools like Adobe Experience Manager.  Moreover, we couple these capabilities with RPA, AI, ML, and our Digital Compliance offering.  Organizations can digitally evolve their businesses to attract, win, retain, and support customers, employees, and partners by leveraging the latest applications, analytics, and infrastructure to deliver a differentiated experience that is not a luxury but a necessity.

To discuss how Arbour’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience (CX) expertise can assist in your business innovation, contact us today!