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Going digital is not easy, but organizations that struggle the most tend to be the ones that jump into new use cases rather than evaluating existing workflows to identify which technologies would be best suited.  Business Process Improvement (BPI) is the use of various methodologies to analyze procedures for their accuracy and efficiency and then optimized with improvements. Business Process Redesign (BPR) is the restructuring of a company’s essential business processes. 

If your business processes need to be sped up, team productivity needs progress, and customer service quality needs improvement, a Business Process Improvement Project Plan may benefit your organization.  If your organization needs to reevaluate and redraft their processes, a Business Process Redesign model may be essential. BPI and BPR work to eliminate non-value-added work activities, procedural steps, and dated and legacy business policies.  Once processes are distilled to critical and necessary activities, automation or similar enablement is instituted to execute digital innovation.  

Innovate your Business Processes with Arbour Group 

At Arbour Group, our Business Process Improvement and Business Process Redesign methodology services help organizations decipher which parts of their workflows require attention, allowing leaders to focus on areas where technology can bring the most value. 

Arbour Group’s experts work with you to improve your business processes on your journey and help you meet your requirements. A Business Process Redesign example may be an organization with a disconnected system that should integrate with effective software. A general system update will make their information clear and easily available for all departments. Business Process Redesign steps define and analyze current business processes, identify and analyze opportunities, and then develop and implement state changes. This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Process Assessment
  • Process Redesign
  • Business Case and Application Selection & Implementation 

A Business Process Improvement example would be targeting an organization’s misinformation issue by implementing interactive software for internal communication. Arbour Group has the BPI expertise to identify these challenges. A Business Process Improvement Project Plan allows for integration into the decision-making process, helps companies achieve better value in their technology investment, and solves employee problems that change mindsets. We map what current processes are implemented, analyze disconnections, find opportunities for improvement, design a process map, and implement the future state changes. Arbour Group couples this with our offerings such as RPA, AI, and ERP that allow for constant digital innovation for organizations.  

Arbour Group assists organizations in using technology to innovate their business methodologies. We can find out what afflicts your business processes and use technology to resolve those issues before finding novel use cases of any new-age technology.

To learn more about how we can innovate your business with our BPI and BPR consulting services, contact us today!