SAP Validation & Compliance

When it comes to SAP validation, our life science regulatory experts keep you in a continual state of compliance with global agencies, both domestic and international, such as BfArM, FDA, IMB, MHRA, and TGA. With the Arbour Group team on your side, your SAP solution is constantly up to date and current with SAP compliance best practices. Our SAP Certified Partner solutions are compatible with the SAP Solution Manager tool and other 3rd party automated testing tools, creating a painless integration with your business processes..

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SAP Validation Test Execution

Our SAP validation test scripts outline specific, comprehensive steps to guide you through the process along with providing you the expected outcomes. These are used to document SAP compliance test results, reducing the time necessary to properly complete SAP validation.

SAP Validation Package Benefits

  • Reduce your time-to-test enterprise software by up to 60%
  • Certified for SAP life sciences configurations
  • Ongoing product support and maintenance for continued SAP compliance
  • Expert staff, with over 20 years experience, to keep you focused on critical business activities rather than validation documentation
  • Certification on SAP validation for life sciences configurations and integrations

When You Choose Arbour

A maintenance program is available to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance and support. Whether you are installing SAP for the first time, converting from a legacy system, or upgrading to a new release, Arbour Group's SAP validation solutions allow you to manage your business risk quickly and reliably.

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